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journeys of dialogue

Leela Gandhi + Mick Douglas open up personal and political dimensions of friendship, hospitality and art

Vin D'Cruz + Michele Grossman discuss ambivalence

Suzie Attiwill + Nusra Latif Qureshi speak about making, scale, architecture

Sudesh Mishra + Phillipa Rothfield discuss body, movement and transnational mobility.

Andrew Brown-May + Roberto D'Andrea consider how the landscape of history is uncovered and how different histories compete to be heard.

MARIE SIERRA + LAWRENCE HARVEY shape a conversation about space in this city, departing from its heard and sculpted examples.

Kate Darian-Smith + Fethi Mansouri explore the tensions of social diversity and cohesion against the backdrop of Australia and the Middle East.

Stephen Muecke + Mark Minchinton open up trust in movement and traveling.

Pamela Curr + Nikos Papastergiadis talk of mobility, possibility and nationalism on Australia Day.

Ann Curthoys + Keith Butler discuss riding and writing passages between colonialism and postcolonialism.

Dur-e Dara + Dalal Smileyexplore community-building acts of hospitality amongst current questions of citizenship in Australia and the politics of divisiveness.

David Corlett + Linda Briskman talk through their own journeys into issues of asylum, detention and human rights in Australia.

Les Twentyman +Samar Mougharbel unravel sides of city life that new migrants, refugees and homeless youth encounter.

Ashis Nandy + Don Miller praise uncertainty, paradox and everyday rhythm of life

Gwenda Tavan + Jane Kenway move between dwelling and travelling

Neil Thomas + David Wells rattle around Santa, love, giving and taking

Graeme Davison & Wim Hafkamp talk transport

Rod Quantock & Ahar Usman explore the underbelly of Muslim and mainstream Australia

Waleed Ali and Tony Birch travel through ideas of belonging, allegience and shared value

John So and Joy Murphy Wandin act out and talk about their roles as kinds of hosts



journeys of encounter

outside in


Australia Day: ‘Cronulla cape’ or a mob looking out for a great escape?

your hosts

move it


outside my world

you move me

hands aboard

tram jam



journeys of performance

Shoaib Safi + Hi God People build up an improvised musical wonderland

Snawklor explore the sonic environment of the W-11 journey

Ria Soemardjo + Chris Sprague + Glen Kniebess create music that draws on Javanese, Arabic, Indian traditions.

Yumi Umiumare and Tony Yap transform the W-11 into a space for contemporary dance.

Brahim Benhim explores the rhythms and melodies of Moroccan life.

The Bent Leather Band gives a nod to Percy Grainger's 'Big Green Tram' and an extraordinary acoustic experience to a lap of the city.

The Brides use song to seek men.

Zarafa lead an intoxicating gypsy musical voyage.

_MG_0193_1_210.jpg take on Australia day with a trivia quiz and bonza prizes, hosted by Mrs. B Wight and Mrs B Wright of the John Howard Ladies Auxiliary Fun Club.

Ocular Lab make bread

Two men clean-up on the W-11 tram with effusive use of buckets, brooms, sprays, cloths and creams - and shoe cleaners, clothes brushes... This week was proudly sponsored by SPARKEL® they tell us, whilst the text on their shirt-backs asks ‘How clean is clean enough?’

Third Floor Dixie (Tony Hicks + Niko Schauble) make up enamouring improvised jazz tracks in a kind of tram way

Shoaib Safi and IM Singing Group converse from opposite ends of the tram with Sufi devotional songs and rounds of vocal harmony

Is this unrequited love?

Kutcha Edwards' lap of love songs

Azaad Bhangra Group did not show for their journey of performance but passengers sure took off without them

Rod Quantock swings left and right with passengers on the eve of the Victorian State Election

Shahin_Shafaei confronts passengers with a segregationist tactic

_MG_7234_byar_frameDrum1_210.jpgByar (Adrian Sherriff, Adam King & Jeremy Dullard) lay out processional music on West Sumatran instruments

Zeeshan Medhi & Mr Robi encircle a crammed tram with popular Pakistani songs