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DUR-E DARA is a Melbourne restaurateur, businesswoman and musician, current President of the Restaurant and Catering Association of Victoria and Convenor of the Victorian Women’s Trust.
DALAL SMILEY is a former Victorian Multicultural Commissioner and Chairperson of the Victorian Arabic Social Services who works in community development, cross-cultural training and language services.



12 Jan 2007 photos Karen Trist

For Dalal, ‘breaking bread’ together creates a unique bond, and for Dur-e, having the people who work in a restaurant served a meal by the owner of the restaurant is a special equalising practice in Australia. Drawing from their own cultural backgrounds and migrant experiences, two women explore the sense of being embraced in Australia whilst being concerned with the rising encouragement of suspicion between people. Passengers join the conversation: ‘We go to school and learn how to read and write, but we are not taught to live, how to interact with each other.’ ‘Multiculturalism is the feeling of oneness, of togetherness,, a sense of belonging and commitment to each other for the benefit of each other and for the benefit of the country as a whole.’

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