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This exquisite project, so beautiful, generous, funny and’s partly an observation of cosmopolitanism, I’d also suggest that it is a self-fulfilling prophecy: it actually creates the sense of a city with its heart wide open.
- Deborah Kelly

As an obvious testament to sustainable transport, community arts & development, as well as tourism, “Tramtactic” is novel and an outstanding example and aid to all of these.
- Jennifer Edge

It was magical. I loved being on the tram seeing the happy and bewitched people, but the bystanders looking at us as we passed was wild! The concept is a wonderful gift to Melbourne… it felt like… I had been given something very special.
- Sue Thomas

As commuters & travellers we exist in our own micro-bubbles, and the concept of “community” is diminished by the way we all bustle through our lives so self-importantly. The Karachi Tram is an absolute joy to ride on and a true treasure of Melbourne... it breaks down the barriers which exist between us, and encourages us to engage with our neighbours without worrying about our silly inhibitions. The Tram builds community, it fosters friendship, and it nurtures joy & laughter. Not to mention that it looks simply gorgeous.
- Justin Mansfield

The W-11 is one of the rare places where the experience of ‘life=art’ can take place. The collective and community space of a tram is highlighted and made valuable by the rolling existence of the W-11.
- Marie Sierra

We were transported away to another world with lively, interesting discussion & marvellous music...had fun meeting people & loved the experience …this marvellous Melbourne experience!
- Josie & Greg

What a delight …it put a smile on thousands of faces. Wide eyed kids pointing and laughing, Chinese tourists running after it with their cameras and people on board instantly in a happy mood.
- Paul Learmonth

I really like the idea of “conversations” on trams that people can participate in actively and performances on trams (would be great if this happened all the time). These are all things we don’t expect on a tram but trams are perfect locations for them.
- Vicky Tsaconas

In a world increasingly coveting minimalism and searching for Zen, the tram screams its celebration of life, love and fun. It’s an affirmation of the beauty of inclusion and multiculturalism that is Melbourne today.
- Aliyah Mohyeddin

People who board the tram and are wide-eyed with delight or surprise by what they encounter. The tram, its artwork and decoration, the music, the conductors, and the ‘tram overheard’ conversations all provide a vehicle for co-travellers to connect with each other. Public transport normally silences and closes people down. W-11 allows people to open up and celebrate the moment.
- Paul Molyneux

What a delight to look up from a Melbourne footpath and see the bright lights and colour of the Karachi tram. Where are you? Please come back to cheer us up.
- Chris Goodman

What an experience… really fascinating.
- Jane Kenway

The concept is fantastic and serves important cultural and political functions.
- Gwenda Tavan

Great fun, a great experience, and yes the circumstances affect the dialogue.
- Wim Hafkamp

Really enjoyed the experience - such a great concept. It’s one of the creative quirks of the city.
- Linda Briskman

I really enjoyed it - being on the tram made it more structured, and less predictable.
- Ann Curthoys

The theme of trust developed quite nicely in the conversation.
- Stephen Muecke

I really enjoyed the journey and the conversation with Kate.
- Fethi Mansouri

Really enjoyed it …much better than in a usual academic setting!
- Kate Darian-Smith

Australian academics should engage with the public more directly, and I think you’re project is a great way of doing that.
- Lawrence Harvey

Akin to those kind of conversations you have with family, that start and stop and shift quickly…. the organic pattern started by the tram just kept growing like a vine!
- Marie Sierra

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
- Andrew Browne-May

Loads of fun… totally shaped by the very movement of the tram, its decorations, the general public, the means of recording.
- Philipa Rothfield

Great fun… intellectually stimulating as well… the informal encounter on a tram worked for me…the tram setting did create sufficient triggers for the conversation… amazing how quickly one forgets the mike in an informal public space … movement is particularly reassuring when thinking: it fixes the mind while allowing for flexibility.
- Sudesh Mishra

The tram conversations is a brilliant idea.
- Vin D’Cruz

Loved every minute of my ‘overheard’ experience … the impact of the tram setting on how our conversation was considerable. I felt the need to keep it as a real conversation rather than an ‘exchange’… loved the fact that other people were free to go on chatting amongst themselves while we spoke, and to carry on ‘tramming’ as normal.
- Michele Grossman

An extraordinarily good time! It always amazes me that strong and appropriate music can be made so easily anywhere, without lengthy rehearsals or predetermination.
- Tony Hicks

A fantastic experience … very pleased with the result.
- Nick Papas (IM singing group)

So much fun! friends on board absolutely loved it.
- Carolyn Connors

It was FUN! I think I flooded the tram with my sweat!
- Tony Yap

Great times, dancing around people in the tram!
- Yumi Umiumare

A great experience. Passengers were very cheerful and happy.
- Brahim Benhim


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