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_MG_9244_320.jpg 120 laps of the city over 20 Friday evening Departures… 20 pairs of special strangers had an 'overheard' conversational journey of dialogue… 20 artist-led 'overboard' improvised performance journeys… 20,000 souvenir tickets… 40,000 passengers ‘otherwise’ encountering one another… and your hosts from Karachi and Melbourne. w11_badge_320.jpg

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Of interest along the way?

You’ve been riding the W-11 tram for a while now. So what has the journey been like? What has been of interest and how have you been transported?

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Where to now with W-11 tram?

The W-11 tram currently encircling the city of Melbourne on Fridays will complete its summer season on 23rd March 2007. Its future after this is uncertain.

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