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Where to now with W-11 tram?

The W-11 tram currently encircling the city of Melbourne on Fridays will complete its summer season on 23rd March 2007. Its future after this is uncertain.

Passengers have been asking ‘what will happen to it?’; telling us ‘it’s such a fantastic project’ and ‘it’s rocking!’ There is currently no further planned journey and no destination ahead. Why are you a passenger, and where do you want this W11 to take you? Telling us all here just might set another journey into action. Join the discussion with your comments:

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This tram should go to a muesum and live on for the rest of its life.

David Lyons
Wednesday September 12

What a delight to look up from a Melbourne footpath and see the bright lights and colour of the Karachi tram. Where are you. Please come back to cheer us up.

Chris Goodman
Thursday May 17

As a host for much of the 2006-2007 Summer season on the W-11 Tram, I had countless interesting & smile filled conversations with countless Melbourne locals, interstate & overseas visitors. They loved this talking & music filled tram bathed in the colours of the sub-continent with its white doves, peacocks & cockatoos as it toured the City Circle! This was a well patronised tram. Every Friday at Federation Square people would gather to ride the W-11. By the time she reached @ 4.28pm the W-11 was full of people & stayed that way for the 6 hour tour of the city. This tram helped people to get to know each other, it fostered friendships & invited tram patrons to celebrate another colourful transport tradition from the peoples of the Indus Valley. There's a ton of spring in Karachi's step & people keen to jump on-board. Us W-11 hosts are proud of Melbourne's tram tradition! W-11 excites people & helps patronise the rest of the system. Congradulations to the sponsors for backing the project. Lets do it again next Spring/Summer!

Roberto D'Andrea
Monday March 26

After a frustrating evening of cancelled and late trains, with no announcements and cancelled concerts due to rain, it was great to board a tram full of dancing people. I got talking, missed my stop and went around for the ride till we got kicked off and the end of the line. It seems that this could be its last outing, and that would be so sad. Surely it can be run again, maybe in other parts of Melbourne, say at street festivals, or as a party tram.

Chris Moss
Saturday March 24

Today is Friday March 23. I haven't been on the wonderful tram since the Commonwealth Games. As soon as I finish writing this I'm off to the city to wait for a certain tram! WHY take it off just because daylight saving has ended? Melbourne still has visitors. People still need to smile and feel good. Why does there have to be a special reason for it to run???? One day a week isn't enough, although even that is better than not at all - or not until next daylight savings time! DON'T TAKE THE W-11 OFF THE RAILS!!

Sue Hayes
Friday March 23

Each morning I stand on the same train station platform at the same time, surrounded by the same people. I never talk to them, and they rarely acknowledge me. As commuters & travellers we exist in our own micro-bubbles, and the concept of "community" is diminished by the way we all bustle through our lives so self-importantly.
But every Friday night during summer, I have left my office and walked across Flinders St to the tram stop, knowing that soon I will board a tram where conversation is rife, merriment is the norm and dancing & music are essential parts of existence. The Karachi Tram is an absolute joy to ride on and a true treasure of Melbourne... it breaks down the barriers which exist between us, and encourages us to engage with our neighbours without worrying about our silly inhibitions.
The Tram builds community, it fosters friendship, and it nurtures joy & laughter. Not to mention that it looks simply gorgeous. It should run all the time! Please don't take it away!!

Justin Mansfield
Friday March 23

Simple - Run it every summer!

Craig Halsall
Tuesday March 13

Participating in a W-11 discussion was a highlight of my summer in Melbourne. Please keep it going. It's one of the creative quirks of the city. Can you extend the concept to Perth (where I now live). The buses here are pretty bland.

Linda Briskman
Monday March 12

As an obvious testament to sustainable transport, community Arts & Development, as well as tourism, "Tramtactic" is novel and an outstanding example and aid to all of these. PLEASE keep it on track! :-)
PS Perhaps you could run it along the No.1 route as we are still trying to get a tram to run tourists through Port Phillip as close to the beach as was the original tram route in Melbourne?

Jennifer Edge
Thursday March 08

The W-11 is one of the rare places where the experience of 'life=art' can take place. The collective and community space of a tram is highlighted and made valuable by the rolling existence of the W-11. It should stay on the rails for all special events and festivals, and have another run on the Fridays of next summer.

Marie Sierra
Monday March 05

I haven't had a chance to board one of the trams yet, but I think it's a great idea and would love to see it continue. I really like the idea of "conversations" on trams that people can participate in actively and performances on trams (would be great if this happened all the time). These are all things we don't expect on a tram but trams are perfect locations for them as they're intimate spaces ripe for these kinds of interactions and connections. I'd think they would make travelling on public transport human.

Vicky Tsaconas
Thursday March 01

We run a Bollywood Dance school ( and we went on the tram with some of our student dance troupe a few weeks ago along with some tamborines to add effect and it was such a fun experience !! It was great trying dance and stay balanced at the same time :) We all loved it !! Pls keep the tram running ! We plan to go again this Fri 2nd march.

Wednesday February 28

Make all trams in Melb like the w11 and make them run full time.

taariq hassan
Tuesday February 27

What a delight to walk out of work in William Street last Friday night to catch the tram home along LaTrobe Street and along came the W11! It put a smile on thousands of faces. Wide eyed kids pointing and laughing, Chinese tourists running after it with their cameras and people on board instantly in a happy mood. Please keep this great little tram going on Friday nights on the city circle throughout the whole year. Or alternate it's runs e.g. city to StKilda, along Swanston to Melb Uni, along Bourke Street from Spencer Street to Exhibition Buildings. We would really be sad to see it go away.

Sunday February 25