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Of interest along the way?

You’ve been riding the W-11 tram for a while now. So what has the journey been like? What has been of interest and how have you been transported?

You might take your experience aboard for granted, but you sharing your thoughts here will help us all get a better idea of what goes on through this strange vehicle. W-11 tram simply won’t go any further without knowing more about the value that passengers claim for it.

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We went on the W11 tram twice & loved it...we were transported away to another world with lively, interesting discussion & marvellous music...had fun meeting people & loved the experience of being on your lovely tram....thanks to the hosts & all those who have made this experience possible. Please continue this marvellous Melbourne experience!

Josie & Greg
Tuesday April 03

I can't believe there are plans to retire this exquisite project, so beautiful, generous, funny and hospitable.

It's one of those superdistinctive things that makes Melbourne so intricately detailed.

And while it seems to me that it's partly an observation of cosmopolitanism, I'd also suggest that it is a self-fulfilling prophecy: it actually creates the sense of a city with its heart wide open.

Please find a way to keep this project going.

Monday February 26

Last Friday I went on the tram and I have to say it was magical. The whole concept really works: the colour, the music, the people. We got on to listen to the Moroccan chap and although short ( I would have liked at least 3 laps with an oud) it was fabulous. I loved being on the tram seeing the happy and bewitched people, but the bystanders looking at us as we passed was wild!

Thank you so much. The concept is a wonderful gift to Melbourne.. it felt like that.. as if I had been given something very special.

Sue Thomas
Monday February 26