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GRAEME DAVISON is a Melbourne historian and author of ‘Car Wars: How The Car Won Our Hearts and Conquered our Cities’.
WIM HAFKAMP is an environmental economist from University of Rotterdam currently researching transport, environment, infrastructure and urban development.


24 Nov 2006

It's a curious start to an on-tram dialogue about transportation when the W-11 TRAM is postponed 20 minutes by a stalled tram up ahead. Hafkamp and Davison move through issues of how the division of responsibilities for different roads in Melbourne inhibits the coordinated prioritisation of tram and bus services; of how the connectivity of transport services - including increased flexible bus services - is of higher priority than extensions to light rail infrastructure. Why is it that people are more content to spend time waiting in traffic-stalled cars than waiting in or for public transport services?

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I loved the way I was just tuning in and out of these guys conversation... it was just like overhearing a conversation on a tram or bus or plane...and what they talked about led me and my friend into a conversation about the fact that Hobart barely has a public transport system!... in that way Melbourne is very lucky...

Monday November 27