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Departure 10: This journey was proudly sponsored by SPARKEL®

12 Jan 2007 photos Karen Trist

‘How clean is clean enough?’ asks the text on the shirt-back of two men who board the W-11 tram and attack it with buckets, brooms, sprays, cloths and creams. Over the course of a lap of the city, the tram has its floors swept, its surfaces wiped and polished and its windows frothed till opaque with white cleaning cream. “Who is Sparkel” ask passengers? “What is the performance?” But by the time the cleaning creeps from floor to polishing shoes and to removing fluff from trousers and sleeves all are getting the dirt on this event in one way or another. Will those responsible for this live art come clean? (For a free quote from Sparkel® dial 1800 000 000)

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