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Departure 14: THE BRIDES

CAROLYN CONNORS (1st bride) is a performer, performance maker & musician whose appearances include major public events and theatre including ‘Gotharama’, and ‘Material Mouth’ - awarded Outstanding female performance of the 05 Melbourne Fringe Festival.
AURORA KURTH (2nd bride) is a singer with ‘The Charcoal Club’ and electronic act ‘Spoonbill’, an actor in Chamber Made Opera’s ‘Walkabout’ and ‘Burning Embers’, and maker of theatre including ‘An Aye For An Aye’ and ‘Finding The River’ – awarded Melbourne Fringe Best Theatre Award.

9 Feb 2007 photos Karen Trist

Two brides in wedding finery are ready for the nuptial service. With a mobile organ (piano accordion) in hand and hearts full of song, they search a tram for the last vital ingredient: two eligible men. From one end of the tram to another and back, there must be a man available! All in white these brides seek out and sing: ‘You were made for loving me’; or ‘ going to the chapel and we’re going to get…’. If that doesn’t woo you, how about meeting one of these maidens under ‘blue moon’. They tried out many a man - were even walked down the tram isle with a father, but they disembarked with having tied a knot.

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