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SUZIE ATTIWILL directs the Interior Design program at RMIT and independently works on interdisciplinary projects involving the design of exhibitions, curatorial work and writing.
NUSRA LATIF QURESHI is a visual artist who studied the art of miniature painting with prominent teachers in Pakistan and India, whose paintings explore political and historical narratives.


9 March 2007 photos Karen Trist

The artisan practice of transport vehicle decoration stands at the other end of the spectrum to the Moghul court painting practice in which Nusra is trained. She speaks with admiration for the possibilities of colour demonstrated by the W11 Tram. The conversation explores the process of making in layers – in vehicle decoration, in Nusra’s painting practice and in Suzie’s exhibition practice – that builds up relationships between placements to construct space. For Suzie the W11 Tram is vibrantly intense environment, one that is a wonderful mobile insertion into the fabric of the city. Nusra speaks of how the vibrant colour, together with music, makes people simply seemingly so happy as to smile when boarding the tram. Suzie proposed the atmosphere of the tram affects us at a subconscious and sensuous level, and even spreads out to the street where those walking by bring a smile to their faces. A passenger adds: “it is like travelling in a large jewellery box”.




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