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ROD QUANTOCK is a Melbourne comic, whose past shows include taking unsuspecting audiences on bus rides through the not-so-funny and funny parts of cities.

AZHAR USMAN is a standup comic and community activist based in the USA currently touring his show 'Allah Made Me Funny – the Official Muslim Comedy Tour’.



17 Nov 2006

After the unintended start of Azhar missing the tram, these well seasoned comics make the most of the glammy trammy situation leaving no passenger unturned in their seat. Rod explores how the ‘Allah made me funny’ show responds to tensions in the USA and perceptions of Muslims. Peter Ustinov comes aboard via some quotes: ‘terrorism is the war of the poor; war is the terrorism of the rich’. Azhar wants to know about the people in Melbourne. When a tram load of people are brought into question, we find out that most of them are from Germany, New Zealand, and ah, some stowaways from Pakistan. Welcome! Khush ama deed!

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