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STEPHEN MUECKE is Professor of Cultural Studies at University of Technology Sydney with a long-term interest in Indigenous Studies, transnational cultures and new ethnography who is currently researching culture and commerce in the Indian Ocean.
MARK MINCHINTON is a performance maker, Associate Professor in the School of Human Movement, Recreation & Performance and Foundation Director of the Moondani Balluk Indigenous Academic Unit at Victoria University who recently completed a 650km performance walk, web-writing, and installation project for a UK Review of Live Arts
that began where his grandmother was born as a 'black' woman, and ended where she lived and raised a family as a 'white' woman.



2 Feb 2007 photos Robert Eales

Two strangers have never met before yet they find out their paths are linked across lines of indigenous and non-indigenous Australia. With a palpable sense of goodwill, the conversation explores and enacts the experience of people sharing the same movement and rhythm going the same way together. How is it that travelling fosters a desire to put trust in someone else? A diverse range of hues in relation between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians weave through an exchange of stories between Mark and Stephen, with references along the way to sheep, dingo, mice and the black family that moved around for years by getting their car towed by white family cars, only to reveal that their car had no engine.

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