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I love the way I can smile at people on the W-11 tram without feeling like an over eager child. The exuberance of the interior reduces our individual identities- embracing us all into her boisterous bosom of warmth and uselfconcious music and rhythm. Having lived in India and travelled in Trains, Busses, Autorickshaws, Tongas, Cyclerickshaws, BullockCarts, atop the cargo of odd truck and long nights in Camelcarts, I miss the intensity that travel in the Indian subcontinent brings. The traveller has his or her unique identity in those lands of infinite curiosity where boundries between people flow and contort to accomodate or reject. As a traveller one has the opportunity to cast off all inhibition and sing with the music, talk to strangers whom one may never forget.. This is what this tram does for me and for my kids.. it welcomes ease, warmth and engagement, laughter and the odd caper down the aisle. It gives one the license to be as spontaneous as one can be. It brings out so many smiles than one can not help but ask could we have a few more please...
- sophie

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What has to be done to keep this fantastic idea happening in Melbourne? It certainly livens up the public transport system and should be kept to brighten the lives of everyday travellers. (Could even be extended to include more of the same). It was certainly one of the highlights of my family's visit to Melbourne.

Friday April 07

We caught one of the last circles yesterday, and what fun! I met a small boy who'd won a Commowealth Gold Medal for Pass the Parcel, a belly dancing drummer with a waxed moustache, a dancing queen, and a huge happy crowd of entranced passengers. Not only should we keep the Karachi tram, but we should add a tuktuk tram, a bebecar tram, a Dili bus tram, and any other of the decorated and be-dangled personalised public transport vehicles that our near neighbours have developed. It has made Melbourne a more colourful city, and we need to keep it, to warm our hearts through winter!

Sunday March 26

I'm so glad I made it on to the Karachi tram on the last day. Nearly missed it. I think it would be fab if we could keep it for a while. It puts smiles on everyones face! thankyou Karachi!

Sunday March 26

Fantastic! How exciting! We (5 girls 50+)became school girls again with squeals of delight as the Karachi Tram stopped outside as we left our hotel. Hurry Hurry to catch the Karachi Tram!!
On board we are instantly transported to another realm of colour, music and joy. Our ticket reveals ancient wisdoms. The smiles of the passengers are testamount to the power of beauty and colour and music. Long may Karachi Tram travel the streets of Melbourne. Thank you artists and all who made our ride on the Karachi Tram our most memorable journey in Melbourne. And where can we buy the music? Mandy & The Sheilas

Thursday March 23

this tram is really great way to show the culture of one of the commonwealth country Pakistan. And is actually the best tram in melbourne.

noman usmani
Wednesday March 22

As I sit on this tram, I am in my colourful spiritual home surrounded by elaborate and decorative embellishments, swirling sounds, happy wonderous faces and cheeky conductors! Thank you artists - this tram, your art, is a beautiful offering. I would like us to keep this tram alive, to celebrate this special festive time and your craftsmanship.

Kerry Devine
Wednesday March 22

MELBOURNE LOVES THE KARACHI TRAM!!! People stop in the street, turn to watch it, & a big smile comes over their face!! Can we keep it forever??? It's beautiful!! Thank you Karachi craftsmen, for your stunning work!

Tuesday March 21