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dancing tram

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photos by Karen Trist

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the ride of our lives.

First of all I would like to congratulate you for initiating and organising such a colourful event. It’s AWESOME !!! SIMPLY AWESOME !! And the ride in W11 Tram is beyond expressing in words .

All I can say that I have never had such a vibrant ride in my whole life. I am from Karachi and have travelled frequently on buses in Karachi including the W11 route but W11 Tram ride was unique and wonderful.
The ride across the Melbourne CBD took only 30 minutes but left an impression impossible to erase. The decor of the tram was impeccable with Urdu calligraphy on the doors, Paranda hanging from side mirrors, glittering Jhalars on the tram ceiling with illustration of Nazuk Hasina drawn with colourful stickers on the window. The ambiance inside the Tram reflected true picture of a W11 minibus from Karachi with seat covers decorated with intricate designs, loud music of Noor Jehan’s popular songs and a collage of flickering lights and floral patterns clad in chamak patti. The topping of the cake was an Australian tram conductor chanting Kemari, Plaza, Jaama, Teenhatti, Lalookhet, New Karachi.
W11 Tram is a masterpiece in motion. It will not only win smiles for Pakistanis but will also be a source of delight for Australians and Melbournians in particular who have developed a knack for relishing diversity and multicultralism.
I have nothing to add further but have a message for those who haven't been on the W11 TRAM yet “Mate it’s a bloody ripper!
- Khalid
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We were just discussing last nights ride on W-11 in Melbourne, and we were saying that it was one of the best rides of our lives.
- Sophie