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from the Pakistani press

"a source of excitement and joy ...impossible to forget"
- Dawn (Pakistan's most widely circulated English language newspaper) Dawn internet edition 9 April 2006

"the hit of Festival Melbourne 2006"
- The International News (Jang Group of newspapers) 27 March 2006

"the W11 tram... puts the ‘festivities’ in the Festival Melbourne 2006"
- The Post (Pakistan national newspaper), The Post 27 March 2006

"moving (in more ways than one) testimony to the Pakistani spirit"
- The Post (Pakistan national newspaper), The Post 20 March 2006

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Who wants this W-11 tram?

The W-11 tram currently encircling the city of Melbourne is due to complete its life for the cultural festival of the Commonwealth Games on Sunday 26 March. Its future after this is uncertain. Passengers have been claiming 'it should be kept in service', 'its so beautiful', 'so much fun!', and 'it must be kept!'

Ideas for its use have been bouncing around the inside of the tram. How about a mulit-culti street-food & music tram, serving hawker style street food, with live and recorded music, and a spontaneous opportunity to meet, greet and eat whilst trundling a 50minute lap of the city? Who wants to get onboard?

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Who is talking about W-11?

"most sublime mobility project"
John Thackara, Doors of Perception

ABC Radio National interview on Peter Mares program National Interest with Mick Douglas & Roberto D'Andrea (broadcast 30 April 2006)
Listen at

"a cacophany of colour, flashing lights and pulsating Pakistani music..."
Harbant Gill, HERALD SUN March 6, 2006


ABC radio interview by Glen Bartholomew with Mick Douglas, Nusrat Iqbal & Wajid Ali.
(broadcast by 774 3LO on drivetime 14 March 2006, and by Radio National breakfast 15 March 2006)
Listen at

SBS Radio, Urdu program interview with the W-11 chamak patti team, broadcast nationally 19 March 2006. Listen at SBS Radio Urdu Watch video at SBS Radio Urdu 'What's Happening?'

ABC Radio interview by Helen Razer for the 'Overnights' program with Mick Douglas, broadcast nationally on all ABC radio regional stations Wed 5 April 2006. See the story and listen at

ABC Radio interview by Jon Faine with Mick Douglas, broadcast on 774 3LO on 28 March 2006.

"I was so sorry to miss the tram launch, but went looking for it on Saturday and it was FANTASTIC. It truly is wonderful. And people here are saying it is the best thing of the Cultural Festival."
- Alison Carroll, Director of Asialink Arts Program