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Presented by Festival Melbourne2006

W-11 is TRAMTACTIC project presented by Festival Melbourne2006, the cultural festival of the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

=== project coordinators: Mick Douglas & Durriya Kazi
Mick Douglas is an artist who works through modes of transport as mediums of art practice, and the head of the Cultural Transports Unit, School of Architecture & Design at RMIT University. Durriya Kazi is a visual artist and head of Department of Visual Studies at Karachi University, Pakistan.

=== vehicle decorators: Nusrat Iqbal, Muhammed Arshad, Muhammad Nadeem, Safdar Ali
Iqbal is the lead decorator (chamak patti wallah), known on the W-11 route in Karachi for his elaborate decorative work on mini-buses. Arshard is Iqbal’s business partner, and also an owner of a W-11 mini-bus. Nadeem is the younger brother and student of Iqbal. Safdar is also a student of Iqbal.

=== production coordinator, photographer & videographer: Wajid Ali Arain
Wajid is a visual artist with an interest in the truck and bus transport cultures of Pakistan.

=== production assistants: Rob Eales, Sophie Gaur, Carl Thornton

=== conductors: guests from Karachi & Melbourne

=== ticket poetry: un-attributed popular Urdu poetry from vehicles of Pakistan, translated to English by Durriya Kazi.

=== communication design: Neal Haslem Design

=== produced by: Global Art Projects Pty Ltd

Festival Melbourne2006 would like to thank Yarra Trams, United Group Rail Pty Ltd and staff of the Preston Service Centre, Concept Engineering, Stephen Braham, the Victorian Government’s Department of Infrastructure and the Rail Tram Bus Union.

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