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where are we?

One of the common questions that I get asked while handing out cards and encouraging people to soak up the details of Melbourne's new rolling landmark is "Where are we?" (on the route) and I usually answer "I'm not sure" because generally I am floating, spiritually and mentally, inbetween Karachi and Melbourne, W11 and City Circle, and that place is on no Melbourne map...
- Rob



When talking of conducting, one of our Karachi chamak patti guests produced the work 'connectry'. It's a nice idea to think of an art of making connections between people, things, experiences, places, cultures ... The word was quickly picked up by all of us working on the W-11, along with its allied word-concept 'helpry'.


feeling transported

"after twenty years of working on trams and five years on trains this is the first time that I have seen people leaving with such a good feeling" says John, our collaborating tramways company host. And yesterday a woman in her seventies gleamed as she stepped off the tram alone: "the best ride I've ever had".


fear therapy?

"This is wonderful therapy for fear of muslims", said a woman riding the W-11 tram today.