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...the artists have generated an enormous amount of goodwill here in Melbourne… I have a feeling this is going to be one of those ‘must-do’ things… people are going to want to come in and have the experience…everyone, they look, and their eyes get very big, and they stare and then they begin to smile and laugh, and they even start moving in rhythm with the music!
- a passengers comments given to SBS Radio Urdu



Warren was making a point of waving out the window of the W-11 tram to the people on the streets, and the reactions of people was revealing. Some were smiling gleefully, others pretend to ignore any distraction. Some subcontinent boys were waving and jumping and still holding up their picture-taking mobile phones pointed at the tram as they downed escalators off the street. My kids call that game ‘sweet or sour’: you wave at people in public and their response indicates if they are ‘sweet’ or ‘sour’. Julie was taking it further by talking about a kind of salute developing: the one where a person’s response is to hold up their hand with a camera to head height.