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Feedback from the W-11 TRAM first season during 2006 Commonwealth Games

W-11 TRAM undertook its first season as part of Festival Melbourne2006, the cultural festival of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in March 2006. The project's future after the 12 days of the Games festival was uncertain. Passengers piped up: 'its so beautiful'; 'so much fun!'; and 'it must be kept!'

Read the passengers comments that led to W-11 TRAM moving forward to a second season.

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Please continue its operation. It is different to every thing in Melbourne. Peoples are getting bored seeing all the time same trams and ad's on them. It is wonderful picture of Asian Arts and culture. In multicultural country lets accomodate other cultural and fresh your eyes. Learn how other parts of poetry works, what are the thinking of people etc.

Thursday May 25

Awesome blog. Peace out until next time TabathaOster

Thursday May 18

What a great piece of pakistani artwork. It has opened the eyes of many people and has made them realize the importance of pakistani culture.
It's full of joy!! This tram would be a perfect way to start a day and to end one too. C'mon melbourne lets keep it on our tracks.

Monday May 01

inhumanly nostalgic!!!

Friday April 14

What a gift the four artists have given Melbourne - truly treasured. I rode on the tram twice and would love the opportunity to do so more often. Such joy, and energy, and uplifting to ride with such a wonderfully decorated tram and music! We need to keep the tram for Melbourne to continue to use. Keep it on the city circle - some have suggested having it go out on normal routes! Thankyou especially to the artists. Please let us keep the tram running - and easily accessible - for maximum of cost of local tram ride.

Wednesday March 29

keep that tram going around that city circle route bringing joy as it goes

Wednesday March 29

The W11 Tram Experience was awesome; had an Excellent time. The friendly atmosphere, the ambience, the music, the decor, everything Classic!
Hope it goes in the Museum or rather Runs on!
Gr8 JoB

Tuesday March 28

My trip on the W-11 was the perfect way to end the week - amazing music, happy faces and colour everywhere. I had read about the tram and just couldn't be in the right place at the right time until Friday when I was waiting at the tram stop to go home, I heard the music and looked up and thought I need to catch that tram!!! Hopefully the tram returns so more people have the opportunity to also enjoy it. I'm sorry I only had one ride.

Monday March 27

Why O Why can't this wonderful example Pakistani/Indian culture be left trundalling the streets of Melbourne on a permenant basis, and whilst you decorators are at it please deck out a couple more Melbourne trams in the same style.Truely I say, it lifted my spirits. KEEP CULTURAL DIVERSITY ALIVE, it's such a wonderful thing, and all power to all involved in this project you have bestowed Melbourne with a great gift THANK-YOU to all concerned.

Monday March 27

Please keep the W11 Karachi tram running!!!
My family and I had the pleasure of taking a ride on it yesterday and it was what can only be described as a magical trip. Never have I had such a wonderful time on a tram, I didn't want to get off!
The colours, the music and friendly conductors, I loved it all. The ride definitely was a highlight of our day. This tram certainly shows Melbourne’s multicultural harmony is alive and well!

Monday March 27

Like many other people, I really enjoyed my ride in the WW11 tram. It is a wonderful experience. Please ask Metlink to keep it on the City Loop - it is a real asset to the City.

John Perkins
Sunday March 26

Hey Bracksy! BUY this fantastic tram with our taxes (don't mind this time) and keep some extra culture in this great tram city. Great work fellas!

corrie allegro
Sunday March 26

Today i had the best ride of my life. Full of excitment and fun. I really wish this tram can stay. It can make a great "TOURIST ATTRACTION" for people from all over the world. We all love it.

Beth McDonald
Sunday March 26

Brilliant concept- it should be retained if at all posssible

erica murdoch
Sunday March 26

What a ride! It was the highlight of a long and exhausting day in the city. I think it should stay in service indefinatly - heck get another one! Make all the circle trams cultural - Italian, Greek, African etc.

Karen Mather
Saturday March 25

You must not let this tram leave the tracks of Melbourne. It is wonderful to look at, to travel in, and to feel its excitement during the journey. It also sends a message that multiculturalism is alive and well.

Saturday March 25

Wish this tram could stay, so us sydney siders can also visit sometime during the year to have a ride... and feel nostalgic about our home country/city of birth!!! Wish they have something similar in Sydney too!! :((

Saturday March 25

This tram is a perfect vehicle for increasing understanding between cultures - does more good than a gaggle of pollies in Parliament!

Apart from this it spreads JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY

Elfie Crystal

Elfie Crystal
Saturday March 25

This is totally fabulous and has put a smile on everyone's face! Will it be extended past March 26 - everyone wants it to be. Please let me know.
Why not make it a City Circle feature for the whole of 2006??

Paul Learmonth
Friday March 24

I agree that we should keep this beautiful tram.
Every part of Melbourne that has tram tracks (and those that don't) I am sure would love to have it as part of their cultural celebrations.
But why stop at one? Why not have a Calcutta tram, a Bombay tram or a Madras tram? - perhaps with regional food served - although it might be difficult to dance, talk and eat at the same time..

Whatever - we should keep this tram, because it is already an icon of Melbourne's unique harmonius multi-cultural community.

Cynthia Jupp
Friday March 24

It would be devasting to learn that this tram would no longer be in operation after the Festival, that all those intricately cut pieces of vinyl were peeled off and discarded, it can't be allowed to happen!! Taking a ride on the beautiful W11 warmed my heart and is the most amazing thing I've experienced in the Festival, and I think the best public art project I've ever come across. I don't want to see it disappear! and I'm certain I'm not the only one.

Amy Butcher
Thursday March 23

How I wish we could keep this tram! You can't help but get caught up in the happy, joyful music. A ride to work on this every morning would certainly bring a smile to your face. Let's find a way to keep it Melbourne...please!

Debra Reeve
Wednesday March 22

Rather than a stationary object behind glass walls in the museum I would love to see this tram preserved in motion forever. W11 Tram is a symbol of Melbourne's rich and diverse culture. Like Puffing Billy, it could be kept on tracks with a team of volunteers and if this happens I would like to be the first to offer my services. Rides could also be complemented by street food of Indian sub-continent like Samosas, Pakoras, Dahi baday, Chaat etc.

Tram is a Melbourne icon and W11 Tram could become an icon for Melbourne’s multicutural harmony.

Khalid Khateeb
Tuesday March 21

There must be some way to keep this tram on the tracks for ever. It's a special tram that speaks to everyone.

Alison Carroll
Tuesday March 21