...is an organic non-organisation of people who come together with artist Mick Douglas to undertake art projects in the public domain departing from the potential of tramways.

contact us by email:
mick AT mickdouglas.net

Mick Douglas is an artist and senior lecturer in the School of Architecture & Design at RMIT University, Melbourne, whose work explores modes of transport as mediums of art practice.

Durriya Kazi is an artist, curator and head of the Department of Visual Studies at the University of Karachi.

Roberto D'Andrea is organiser of The Connies – a performance troupe of former tram conductors that express the social craft of conducting at festivals by talking to people on environmental and social themes and distributing suites of collectable, educative tickets.

Neal Haslem is a communication designer and community-enabling worker.

Suzie Attiwill is an independant curator, writer and exhibition designer, and senior lecturer in the School of Architecture & Design at RMIT University.

Jogi Panghaal is a designer working with the crafts sector and womens groups in India evolving new product and media forms.

Wajid Ali is Karachi based visual artist and emerging filmmaker.

Mahadeb Shi is a filmmaker and film editor based in India.

Debasish Bhattacharyya is a scientist and environmental activist who has campaigned steadily for improvement of public transport in his city Kolkata.

Jayanta Basu is a zoologist, environmental journalist and community health researcher and activist.

Nusrat Iqbal, Mohammed Nadeem, Safdar Ali and Mohammed Arshard are chamak patti vehicle decorators in Karachi

The Chitrakar community of Medinapore, West Bengal, are patuas / scroll painters who practice a tradition of mobile storytelling.

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