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Melbourne travelers have been asking ‘where is the W-11 Tram?’ It is taking rest. Last Melbourne summer twenty pairs of strangers met to have an 'overheard' conversation whilst traveling a lap of the city; twenty different groups of artists led an 'overboard' improvised performance journey for a lap of the city; 20,000 souvenir artwork tickets were gifted; and over 40,000 passengers ‘otherwise’ encountered one another in a uniquely disarming and free public setting whilst onboard hosts from Karachi and Melbourne broke the ice of public inhibitions, cajoling strangers to share a bit of themselves. And yes, the most unlikely assemblages of people can spontaneously combust into dancing together on the W-11 Tram.

Stephen Muecke, Professor of Cultural Studies and one of the invited guests on Tram Overheard, has written a forthcoming book chapter about his experience aboard. The Victorian Multicultural Commission is applauding the project in its recent vol 21 publication. The City of Karachi has given Mick the city plaque (in Melbourne you'd say 'the keys to the city') in commendation of the project. Discussions are afoot about the project being undertaken in other cities in South Asia and Europe, and a radio piece being developed from the recordings of last summer.

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Posted by tramtactic at November 27, 2007 01:08 PM